Starring Steve Price, India-Lily Cooper, Jude Forsey, and Val Monk And also Co-starring Alfie Cooper, Elisha-Rose Rowley, Lamissah La-Shontae and Cory, and Cole Hebden. And of course, this film would be absolutely nothing without the amazing crew Camera: Charlie 'Tank' Harris and I Animation: Nat Costume Designer: Jasmine Cooper and I First AD: Ellis Dawkins 2nd AD: Holly Brown BTS: Jay Innes, Teravis Ward, and Thomas Alec Jackson Gaffer: Teravis Ward Colorist: Nicky Williams Score: Charlotte Auzins Sound: Dafydd A. Mann and a huge huge huge thank you to Peter Banks who lent us basically all the dark material which made our tent look amazing and last but not least RED GIANT who gifted us an amazing VFX pack 🥰 Our main goal for this film is to smash this into the Festival de Cannes next year so wish us luck!!! See less