The second single from teen Prodigy Phoebe Austin. focuses on her experiences with being bullied and excluded in life. The song was partly inspired by 9 times kickboxing wonder kid Tyler Ford BCA who together with Phoebe Austin are ambassadors for BulliesOUT The is meant to be a rallying cry for hope for those who are being bullied or excluded in life especially young kids in school or on the internet through cyberbullying.

Directed by Stevie Eagle E Produced by Shlepp Entertainment Ltd DOP - Santoshi Padhiar Shot on Location in UK Featuring 9 times world Champion Tyler Ford BCA Scenes from the Film 'The Huntsman' Directed by Rick Manning. Also Starring: Lamissah La Shontae, Mark Sears, Si Dwyer, Stevie Jayne, Ollie Webb. Special Mention to BulliesOut. If you are having any issues with bullying contact Bullies Out at www.BulliesOut.com